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Follow Your Bliss

Ever since the 2000 election and the "hanging chad" I realized that as a Florida resident, there are events that are adverse in nature. Keeping with that theme I plan on telling the story of a Anthro Malamut family and the usual, or "unusual to the rest of the world" experience of living in the South Florida area. "Bliss" the main character, pictured, is show growing up from the 70's to today, and you get to experience the drama through his view. The story is called "Floriduh", where you can see a true hero, attempt to make sense of counter culture that has existed for a long time. This may be the most interesting drama since Mad Men..

Time Tested

Measuring time mechanically is well established, but at one time (no pun intended) the modern thought was to make a portable time piece that did not need winding. Today with quartz accuracy we enjoy the dream of many generations of experimentation. It is notable that this watch worked on magnatism, which went against any mechanical tech at the time. These watches were true marvels to behold! I learned about these little gems and eventually serviced them. I plan to produce a video on the dissasembly, and reassembly of one these and post on youtube.

Guidance from above

Often when one is stuck as to what course of action or decision to make on a particular problem, I look to the Alien Oracle of Delphi, a java scripted Alien can be your guide and suggest answer to any problem you are pensive about. It has helped me many times...try it for yourself.

  • Oracle Of Delphi